Data Protection Officer Requirement: What do you need to know

Wednesday, 30 September 2020 at 1700
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This discussion will provide you an introductory understanding of the Data Protection Officer requirement that all Singapore-registered companies need to have.

Appointing a Data Protection Officer is highly recommended in Singapore under the Personal Data Protection Act (2012). With digitalisation, governments globally have also begun imposing newer and stricter regulations on electronic communications and stored data. However, we still see many businesses have many endpoints that are mixed use – having a mix of corporate data and other data including personal and organisations’ data, or unaware that their data are not well protected or secured. Companies who failed to comply with PDPA are punished with heavy fines and result in serious consequences. Businesses who are unaware of data breach will not only affect millions of users but also put their businesses at risk. Hence, it is important for companies and individuals to have a proper understanding and education in data privacy and security to prevent any downfall in the workplace.​

In this event, we will be covering the following points:
• What is Personal Data Protection Act in Singapore?
• What is a Data Protection Officer (DPO) and the responsibilities?
• How PDPA will affect one’s business?​
• Common breaches at the workplace

Who Should Attend
Businesses who want to protect clients information
• Singapore-registered business owners who are not aware if how to approach this requirement
• Individuals who plan to register a company in Singapore
• Compliance Managers or Data Protection Officers (DPOs)
• Human Resource, Admin, IT Personnel and Business Development Executive / Managers who need to be involved in data protection matters

Programme Agenda
This online discussion will be conducted in English.

1700 - 1705 | Welcome remarks: BlackStorm Consulting
1705 - 1730 | Data Protection Officer Requirement What Do You Need to Know
1730 - 1745 | Common Breaches & Prevention Tips
1745 - 1800 | Open Discussion

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Andy Prakash, Founder, Privacy Ninja
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Dexter Ng, CTO, Privacy Ninja
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